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Local Clients

Digital Summer, Code Blue/Forty, Prodigal, Vida, Soundmankillz, Show Me God, Burning Solace, My Life Sentence, Teal Snow, Moovalya, Dyemusica, Re-Koil, Tricia Travis, Shawn Armenta, Knockout, Vitruvian, Comfort for Change, Giantkiller, Baby Lottery, A Life of Science, The Irish Front, The Revival, Corvus, The Jesus Pinata, Bangtango, Her Fatal Flaw, Gift of Destiny, Safe to Semi, The Crush, Micheal Jansen, KUPD, City Below, Gooder, Ben Rodrieggez, Last Empire Cartel, Safe to Semi, Teal Reader, Dude Offline, Makeshift Family, Jonathan Sakis Scrupulous, Tragedy Machine, Supe, Paranous, Katastro, A fighting Chance, Viramea, ANEU, The Mind Museum, Nevermind Eternity, Poena, Awaking the Fallen, Through Illusion, Truth about Lies, Code red tragedy, Jet Black Holiday, Furnace, I watched her die, Roscoe, 32 Leaves, The Funeral March, And The Hero Fails, diluted, Chief Beef, Fata Morgana, Versed in Grey, Calabrese, Kill Last Hour, Poetic Anxiety, Minus Blindfold, The Spider Hole, March Against Fear, Ayva, X-elements, Bodhisatva, Truth about Lies, Year of the Moth, Pumphouse, Life on Standby, American Kill Theory, Stretch, Denial Method, Skyward, Saveus, Revenant, Resist the Embrace,Dead on Broadway, From Days End, David Mckay, March of the Messenger, Severe Tire Damage, Once again, The Andys, After the Burn, Under Maryln, Antique Scream, Conscious Collective, Ember Coast, Separated at Birth, Signs of Betrayal, Human, Terashain, Gift, Nila, acryforhelp, One fisted goldfish, Broken, OH DOCTOR!, Swindel, TWIXX, INPRANA, Signal to Noise, DJ RADAR, Dimonet, PHD, Four Letter Word, Brick, Overcome, Honey Bucket, Fred Green, Molotov, Soulgrind, The Cremains, James Bilagody, BLDG 5, Ebomb, Intrinzik, WOMB, Born of Fire, JASONSOCIETY, Sinner Lane, Driver 6, CRUSHED, The mighty unlisted, Mr. Pink, Michael Nitro, Crown of Thorns, St. Madness, The Les Pain Trio, Oil, GOZ, Le Sept, PIE, UNRUH, Miso, Cousins of the Wise, Chet, End Transmission, Graves at Sea, Pukali, Shane Cayo, Stitchgrip, Handcrafted, Rubens Accomplice, Signs of Betrayal, Fallguy, Wellington, THC, Greenhaven, Contravene, Hollow, Sineon, Riddalin Project, The Kranks, Shadowen, Magnaplan, South Seventeen, Big Bang Division, Animals of Evolution, Zero State, Golden Child, Millhouse, Headlong, Blackhouse Twins, Sixth Year Senior, Shawn Johnson and the Foundation, Freudian Slip, Ingraved, Inferno, Ixion, Ash Wednesday, Jesus Chrystler Supercar, Hurt Smiles, Green Doll Pedestal, Yoko Love, Paradox, Frankly Scarlett, Mr. Pink, Mighty Unlisted, Flying 99s, Pieces, FM Converters, Clusterfuzz, Fieldtrip, Porkfoot, Death Takes a Holiday, Sauce, Casa De Locos, Curse of the Pink Hearse, Players Circle, Akmonic, and MANY more!

Major Label Clients

Sevendust, Snoop Dogg, Corey Taylor/SLipknot, Eminem, Five finger Death Punch, Proof/D12, Disturbed, TECH N9NE, Janus, Kottonmouth Kings, Adelitas Way, The Veer Reunion, Jimmy Eat World, Authority Zero, Beastie Boys, Tantric, OTEP, Jason Cruz (Strung Out), Capadonna(Wutang Clan), Big Tymers, Bionic Jive, Fivespeed, Seasons After, Shamans Harvest, Tim Alexander ( Primus /A perfect circle), Tony Levins (King Krimson/Peter Gabriel), Trik Turner, Dislocated Styles, Gin Blossoms, Brie Larson, Black Lab, Eyes Set To Kill, Big Shot Allstars, Evans Blue, Aaron Lewis, Deftones, Cavo, Mike from Darkest Hour, Red Line Chemistry, Bangtango, OTEP, Tantric, and Sick Puppies.

Commercial Clients

Random Order Audio, ESPN, Universal Pictures, Rainbow Studios, Sony Pictures, Paramount Pictures, The Farm Club, United States Air Force.

Songwriting Clients

Resident Evil The Movie, Italian Job The Movie, XFL football league theme song, ESPN, IAMREVOLT, Guitar Hero, ATV vs. MTX, Twisted Metal Video game, Bionic Jive, Giantkiller, Adelitas Way, Soundmankillz, Show Me God, Fading Nemesis, Burning Solace, Tragedy Machine.

What People Are Saying

Here at Mind's Eye Digital, the only standard we care about is the standard set by our clients and peers. Here is what our clients and peers say about Mind's Eye Digital and Larry Elyea as a Producer/Engineer:

"Sounds really good, I love the production." - Mike Clink Producer-Metallica/Guns and Roses

"Ive always thought you were great at what you do." - Joe Baressi Producer-Tool/Queens of the Stone Age/Soundgarden

"We have had MULTIPLE radio charting singles produced and mixed by Larry Elyea. His experience in the industry and skill as a musician helps his clients achieve a lot more than just a great recording. Mind's Eye Digital gives artists a relaxed, creative atmosphere that hits harder than most studios in NYC and LA. In todays world where everyone with a computer things they can produce music, Larry Elyea defines the role of a professional, and what a REAL producer does for their artist." - Kyle Winterstien-Digital Summer/Future CEO of Universal Records

"Larry Elyea is the most sought after hard rock producer in the Valley" - Phoenix New Times

"Larry Elyea has become the most coveted producer in Valley music" - Arizona Republic

"Larry Elyea is an Arizona recording Legend" - Arizona Republic

"BRO!...You got the vocals sounding amazing man, thank you!" - Morgan Rose-Sevendust

"I have recorded multiple Albums with Larry at Minds Eye Digital. Everything from Rock, Funk, & Hip-Hop, to EDM and Pop. Normally I wouldn't record all those different genres with one producer, under one roof, but the "Minds Eye" sound is light years ahead of what most studios have to offer. Larry gives you his all every time you step foot into his facility, whether you are a major label artist, or just recording your first demo. Minds Eye Digital Recording Studio has been secret weapon." - Eric Straube

"Over the years I have recorded numerous projects At Minds Eye. One of them resulted in signing a deal with Roadrunner Records. So many bands have gotten record deals after recording with Larry, that he probably should've been an A&R guy instead." Greg Forney of Dislocated Styles

"We recorded our album in New Orleans but had it mixed mastered at Larry's studio. He did things that were just jaw dropping. I honestly sat in aww for 3 play throughs of the entire City Below EP. He put his heart and soul in to our music as we did. Larry is truly talented and I plan to use Larry in any future project no matter how big or small he's my guy. Your the best bro." - Rodrigo Gongora of City Below

"This is hands down, the TOP local recording studio. Professional, unmatched sound quality for a fraction of what you'd expect to pay for the end product. It also helps that Larry is awesome and knows how to pull the best performances out of the artists. I couldn't recommend any higher." - Andre Buck of Corvus

"One of the greatest studios because it's run by great amazing people hands down." - Tendell Buzzdopio Bird of Pink and Cyndi Lauper

"Plain and simple, THE BEST!" - Eddie Lopez Soundmankillz

"I was referred to Larry via one of his past clients. My band was skeptical at first because our sound is kind of jazzy/rockabilly/goth and it looked like a lot of what Larry did was metal and hard rock stuff. Still, I liked him and the price was good so we gave it a shot, and we are REALLY glad we did. If it's music, Larry gets it, no matter the genre. The quality of the production on our album exceeded expectations and the experience of working with Larry was comfortable, laid back, but still somehow SUPER fast. He's the best you'll get for the price, heck, he may be the best you'll get an ANY price." - Scott from The Spiderhole

"Larry is a talented producer who inspires creativity. I have worked with him on a few different projects that were different styles and he excelled on all of them. He works quickly and has a great ear for many styles of music. His ideas have always added to the music and elevated the songs. I almost want to keep him a secret so his rates don't go up but he deserves to be as successful as the top guys out there." - Mike of Crushed/Gift of Destiny

"All of these reviews are spot on. I'd like to add some detail. I have brought varied projects to Larry. Wow...since the '90's! Point of fact, not long ago, I shared one of those early projects with someone new... One prevailing theme... The sound quality! Larry has a knack for becoming a fan of the projects... He is "on the team". He will make you believe in what you do, and the by product is...your performance." - Mike of Bionic Jive/Chet/Charvelle Guitars Exec

"Our best experience yet! Larry was very did a great job of helping us feel comfortable and contributed greatly to helping us polish our recorded sound! I couldn't ask for a better producer. Anyone looking to get quality for the price can rest assured they will find it in Larry's work! Thanks Mind's Eye!" - Jasonsociety

"I recorded with Larry the first time in 1997, been recording with him ever since. No matter where I live, I travel to make sure to get him behind the board. First rate producer and engineer. Huge." - Kevin Dye of DYEMUSICA

"I have recorded three different CD's/EP's with Larry at Mind's Eye. (In two separate bands) Every time, with no exception, the quality of our recordings was excellent. The sound, vibe and soul of the music came through. His facilities are top notch and always improving as technology improves. Larry is an innovator and will use a combination of known vintage techniques and modern technology to create that perfect sound. Expect nothing but the best when you go to Larry!" - James Ray

"I was called in to play on a record for "Search for Redemption" in Larry's studio. In over 20 years as a studio musician I have worked for many a technician and engineer. Larry is a fabulous technician, innovative, fast and precise . He is a equally versatile and understanding producer who I watched help the band members grow during their experience and really brought out the best in everyone he worked with. Should I ever recommend anyone a studio it will be Larry's." - Nate of Search For Redemption

"Larry is a remarkable engineer and an amazing producer. I have come to Larry for recordings since 1997. In the studio he will help you to challenge yourself to get the best recording possible, and as an end result have an amazing recording you can be proud of. Larry shows true professionalism and is extremely easy to work with. He is definitely a master at his craft, as he has rewards and clients to vouch for that. If anyone is in need of a professional recording of any kind I would recommend Larry Elyea in a heartbeat. Some producers have their specialties in what they record, but not Larry. He is well diversified in every genre of music, and can make any project sound professional." Adam of Brick